Hockeyland [In Production]

Northern Minnesota is felt in the bones—the deep chill of winter, the toll of a day in the mine, bruises from the hockey rink. This unforgiving country has forged an identity through a tradition of grit. But times they are a changin’ and the modern world comes with new expectations. Facing down an uncertain future, senior boys in rival towns—one emerging dynasty, one with a fabled past—skate for a last chance to etch their names into local lore. In America’s far reaches, a portrait of young men in transition. This is Hockeyland.

Director – Tommy Haines
Producers – JT Haines, Andrew Sherburne
Executive Producer – Carson Kipfer
Director of Photography – Ben Handler
Camera Operator – Tom Deschenes
Assistant Editor – Cole Norum

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Project Details

Client : Northland Films
Date : 2021
Project : Documentary
Site : http://www.hockeylandmovie.com/

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