“Pond Hockey: Frozen Moments” hardcover book

“In these pages the ice never melts” Charles McGrath – Former editor, The New York Times Book Review

The trek through the snow, the burst from the warming shack, the blast of cold air the wonder of the outdoor game is stunningly captured in Pond Hockey: Frozen Moments. From the creators of “Pond Hockey;” the best-selling documentary, comes a new oversized photo book chronicling the open-air game from the harbors of Helsinki to the snow-capped Rockies.

“The unpredictability of pond hockey—our not knowing for sure when we’ll be able to play, or for how long—is part of what makes it so precious. And part of the genius of Nicholas Wynia’s evocative photographs is the way they capture the magic of those transitory, winter-bright afternoons when the ice is hard, your skates are sharp, and the puck seems to dance off your stick, and render it permanent—frozen in time, so to speak.” 

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Date : 11/30/2015
Project : Book, Photography
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