Tommy Haines

Tommy Haines holds degrees in Communications (University of Minnesota) and Film (University of Iowa). In 2005, Tommy discovered the underground culture of outdoor skaters, that soon blossomed onto the national stage, a nascent movement which was captured in the 2008 film “Pond Hockey,” which became an instant classic within the North American hockey community and an important touchstone in the discussion on the over-structured world of youth sports. He has also directed Northland’s “Forgotten Miracle”, “Gold Fever” and “Husker Sand” while contributing to AJ Schnack’s documentary series “Midterms” and Brian Tremml’s debut feature “The Water is My Sky”. Tommy is the documentary programer for the Hardacre Film Festival, Iowa’s longest-running film fest, and most recently created the “Vino Verité” series at FilmScene, programming some of the most innovative and thought-provoking work in the verité genre. He is currently directing Northland’s latest feature documentary “Saving Brinton” and leading Northland Films’ latest hockey venture, “Pond Hockey: Frozen Moments“, a photo book exploring the wonder and mystic of the pond.

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